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2020 Convention Update: Modified Format Announced

April 18, 2020    Comment off

An open letter to the MSFA and LAMSFA Membership

We, as a nation, find ourselves in an unprecedented time and as a result of this pandemic, every state in the nation is being faced with very tough decisions relative to business, travel and especially, social distancing. For the MSFA and the LAMSFA, the impact of COVID-19 has affected many of our organizational operations and our ability to gather as a fire service community. Many questions have been raised about the upcoming 128th Annual Convention and Conference and the MSFA Executive Committee has moved forward with recommendations made by the Convention and Conference Steering Committee.

First and foremost, the 2020 Convention and Conference is not being cancelled but will be going to a modified format and conducted in two phases over the summer months. This means that we will not be traveling to Ocean City in June, due to the pandemic, but will be holding aspects of the convention virtually.

Phase 1

Phase 1 will include Nominations, Elections and Administering the Oath of Office in a video format, and the 2020 Memorial Service and Fire Prevention Queen Contest will be provided virtually. All award winners will be announced at this time and presentations of trophies will occur in Phase 2 of the program.

Phase 2

Phase 2 is planned for late summer once social distancing requirements are relaxed. This phase will involve two days of activities to include ceremonial aspects of the convention, including the 11 Special Memorial Tributes that will need to be honored, business meetings for the LAMSFA and the MSFA, and a Presidential Reception to recognize our outgoing and newly elected officers. The proposed

Phase 2 activities will be held more centrally located in the State of Maryland so that our membership can drive-in for the day to day activities and not necessarily have to find lodging if they so choose.

The Executive Committee has instructed the Convention and Conference Steering Committee to finalize the program aspects of the 2020 gathering and the final agenda items will be pushed out early in the month of May.

Please stay connected with the MSFA Web Page and/or social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, to stay current as aspects of the program are completed.

Member Company Needs

Each member company needs to continue with the pre-convention activities that are required of the membership. It is highly recommended that any company that has not completed their credentials report please do so now so we can meet the voting requirements of the MSFA and LAMSFA.

Since we will not be gathering in Ocean City, it is imperative that each company sell their $10,000.00 raffle tickets and purchase and sell extras if they can. The drawing will still take place on June 24th. We will also have a 2020 convention program book and would like to see companies place their yearly ads. Please submit those as soon as possible.

In Closing

While this is not the norm for either organization, it is the best possible way to carry on the convention, meet the requirements of our organizational by laws, and celebrate a year of service of our elected officers. Both Lori and I hope you will participate in both phases of the 2020 Convention and Conference as we continually move the LAMSFA and MSFA forward.

As additional information becomes available, we will send it out to all of you. Be Safe and Stay Healthy.

Michael R. Faust

MSFA President

Lori Denbow

LAMSFA President

Key Details

  • The convention is being modified into two phases
  • There will not be a physical event in Ocean City this year.
  • Phase 1 will be online / video to conduct the key nominations and elections virtually
  • Phase 2 will be a two-day event centrally located to include the ceremonial and business meeting aspects of the MSFA and LAMSFA, as well as other related features.
  • Member companies asked to continue to complete all pre-convention activities including submission of credentials, raffle participation and more.

For Updates

The MSFA and LAMSFA will be providing regular updates on schedules, events and other details related to the modified 2020 Convention schedule. To stay up to date, please ensure you are using one or all of these official communication channels: