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Presidential Message to the Membership; Re: 2021 Convention

January 21, 2021    Comment off

Greetings to all our member departments and individuals who continue to provide emergency services to our great state under these most trying times. We continue to be faced with outcomes of the COVID Pandemic but hope that the potential for a return to some level of normalcy is on the horizon as our country receives vaccinations to address the virus. The MSFA and LAMSFA are on the forefront of the response to keep people safe and obtain proper medical care and we thank each of you for that.

For so many of the members of the MSFA and the LAMSFA, the impact of COVID-19 has affected our organizational operations and our ability to gather as a fire service community. In that light, many questions continue to be raised about the upcoming 129th Annual Convention and Conference. First and foremost, the 2021 Convention and Conference is not being cancelled.

The MSFA Convention Committee is working on three specific action plans to address the prerequisite of our annual gathering to meet the requirements of the Constitution and Bylaws. These plans, when completed, will be shared with all our membership, and submitted to the Executive Committee for approval.

The three scenarios we must plan for are:

  1. Ocean City Events as was in 2019.
  2. Ocean City Modified Events due to limit restrictions – Revised plan being developed.
  3. No Ocean City Events due to COVID – Follow last year’s plan.

Again, let us stress, no final decision has been made and all our members should continue with their personal convention plans.

In addition, each member company needs to continue with the pre-convention activities that are required of the membership. It is highly recommended that any company that has not completed their credentials report, please do so now so we can meet the voting requirements of the MSFA and LAMSFA.

It is imperative that each company sell their $10,000.00 raffle tickets and purchase and sell extras if they can. The convention program book is being developed and we encourage all companies to place their yearly ads. Information about the 2021 Convention and Conference will continue to be updated on the Convention Website and we hope each of you will maintain your level of event awareness through this excellent tool.

As what we were faced with last year, this is not the norm for either organization; however, it is the path we need to travel and address our organizational requirements while keeping our membership healthy and safe. That is our most important element of this planning process. Both Donna and I wish you well and hope to see each of you in Ocean City this year. Our commitment to each of you is to continue moving the LAMSFA and MSFA forward. As additional information becomes available, we will send it out to all of you.


Charles “Chuck” Walker
MSFA President

Donna Struntz
LAMSFA President