June 18th – June 23rd

2022 130th Maryland State Firemen’s Convention Election Results

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Thank you Mr. President. The report of the election judges for 2022.

There were a total of 323 companies in good standing as recorded by the Secretary. The credential committee reports that 273 of those companies in good standing are registered at the convention. There were a total of 19 Past Presidents registered at the convention.

The following officers were unopposed and elected by a single ballot cast by the Office of the Secretary with the exception of the election of the Office of Secretary and the ballot for that office was cast by the President.

President Benjamin “Ben” Kurtz
First Vice President Eric Smothers

Secretary Doyle Cox, P.P.
Chief Chaplin John Long
Trustee Terry Thompson, P.P.

The results of the Election for 2nd Vice President
The following were nominated

W. Newton “Skip” Carey
Todd Smith
Paul Sulivan

A total of 972 ballots were cast and a Simple Majority of this is 486 votes

W. Newton “Skip” Carey For 487
Paul Sullivan For 339
Todd Smith For 146
(Correction noted & posted 06-22-2022 @ 11:16 AM)

This year we also had 3 proposed Constitution Changes

Results of amendments to the Constitution.

Question #1

A – Maryland State Firemen’s Association
No – 517 for 53%
Yes – 458 for 47%
B – Maryland State Firefighters’ Association
No 576 for 59%
Yes – 399 for 41%
C – Maryland State Fire and EMS Association
No 840 for 86%
Yes – 135 for 14%
D – Maryland State Volunteer Fire, Rescue and EMS Association
No 868 for 89%
Yes – 107 for 11%

Question #2 – Name and Membership

For 580 for 60%
Against 392 for 40%

Amendment – FAILS

Question #3 – Article 4 – Officers

For 312 for 32%
Against 661 for 68%

Amendment – FAILS

This concludes the report of the election Judges.

Thank you Mr. President