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Announcements for the 130th Annual MSFA Ocean City Convention and Conference (2022)

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The MSFA is excited to be back in person this June for our Annual Convention and Conference! Our convention committee has been working hard to provide the experience you have come to expect from the MSFA!

Please review the information below for important updates for this year:

What’s New?

  • Exhibit Hall times will be:
    • Sunday, June 19th 11am – 3pm
    • Monday, June 20th 9am – 4pm
    • Tuesday, June 21st 9am – 3pm
  • There will be no Basket Bingo on Monday night
  • There will be no golf tournament this year
  • The LAMSFA will hold their Business Meetings in “D” Hall
  • Voting will begin on Monday immediately following the Nominations Session. With multiple candidates for office, a second voting ballot may be needed.
  • Fire and EMS Apparatus Parking during Convention week will be at the Jolly Roger parking lot and not at the Convention Center

What Stays the Same?

  • The parade will take place on Wednesday, June 22 at 1pm
  • Jolly Roger Family Night is Monday June 20
  • Discounts will be available for Splash Mountain and the Inlet Amusement Park
  • Flea Market tables will be available in the PAC Lobby for Sunday
  • All Educational Seminars are now listed on the convention website. Please encourage participation among your members. There are over 55 classes to choose from in all categories.



  1. Please be sure to get your online credentialing completed for the 2022 Convention. Emails for both the President of the Department as well as the Delegate Chair are a required field on the form to ensure that we have the correct information for the emailing of ballots for the online voting process. Submit your credentials online.
  2. Please be sure to take the opportunity to submit your Program Book Ads! Convention Program Book Ads are a great way to showcase your department’s milestones or achievements, new apparatus, or even to thank your members for their dedication and hard work! Submit your ads online.

Businesses & Partners:

  1. Please be sure to register for booth space early! They are filling up fast! Please note the following changes:
    • Registration and Move in for booth vendors will be SATURDAY 8am – 11am
    • Registration and Move in for apparatus will be 11am – completion. This will allow for the exhibits to open on SUNDAY from 11am-3pm to capture the increased weekend traffic through the Convention Center.
    • **For those vendors who cannot get into Ocean City until Saturday evening or early Sunday morning, we will have additional move in times available from 7am – 1100am on Sunday morning prior to opening the exhibit hall.
    • Move out would then be moved to Tuesday at 3pm at the close of the Exhibit Halls.
  2. Prices for Early Bird submission are through May 1st and with the expansion of the Convention Center, you won’t want to miss the opportunity to be one of the first vendors in the updated exhibit space! Register for a space online.

Please be aware that MSFA cannot allow any parking of apparatus in the convention center parking lot(s) during convention week, including overnight parking.