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Recruitment & Retention; Developing your Game Plan (LIVE)

Volunteer fire and EMS agencies are experiencing challenges with recruitment and retention of personnel. This lecture will outline how departments can successfully recruit and retain personnel for their agency using current resources. The lecture will be based on a three-year doctoral study on retention and offer participants research-based/proven strategies to reduce turnover and increase recruitment among all generations of volunteers. Attendees will not only learn strategies to help overcome the biggest barriers to retention and recruitment of emergency personnel, but through both discussion, review of a planning document and hands-on activities, will be able to go home and draft a personalized plan to increase and maintain members.

Are We Really Operating Safe Apparatus?

Instructed by: Chief Baldwin and Tom Shand Premiers June 20, 2021 @ 11:00 - 12:00 Over the years our apparatus have become more complex, larger and heavier to operate and […]

Four Pillars of Functional Fitness (LIVE)

Unfortunately, around 50% of annual on-duty deaths are typically attributed to heart attacks, strokes, and other medical causes. Firefighter Functional Fitness attacks these statistics by providing all firefighters with the tools needed to combat this epidemic. Firefighter Functional Fitness is the essential guide to optimal firefighter performance and longevity. It provides all firefighters with the knowledge, mindset, and tools to maximize their fire ground performance, reduce their risk of injury and experiencing a line-of-duty death, and have a long, healthy career and/or volunteer service and retirement.

Pediatric HP CPR

Learn from the Maryland EMSC CPR Pit Crew what is new & what is different about pediatric HPCPR. Presentation will include the cardiac science of high performance and why children still need to be ventilated from the start. The second half includes how ot work with the new QCPR infant and child manikins that are located in each EMS region for local company drills.

OC FOOLS Training – Drilling for Success (LIVE)

PLEASE REGISTER IN ADVANCE FOR LIVE CLASSES  LINK AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE (LIVE)  Instructed by: Capt. Keith Niemann, Wichita, KS, Fire Department Training Division; President, FOOLS of OZ […]