Phase 1: Virtual & Phase 2: Central Maryland

MSFA 128th Annual Convention and Conference Phase 1 Agenda – Revised 06/21

June 21, 2020    Comment off

May 15, 2020 Deadline for MSFA Nominations to be submitted electronically to the Office of the Secretary.


June 1, 2020   LAMSFA ballot review on website


June 12, 2020 Remarks by Convention Chair Siarnicki posted online (Explanation of 2020 Events Schedule)


June 14, 2020 LAMSFA Ballots emailed to LAMSFA Chairman of Delegates and Past

Presidents that have submitted credentials forms and their Auxiliary is current on dues.  Ballots may be cast as soon as they are received.


June 15, 2020, 1800 hrs. MSFA in-person nominations will be made during a special election video meeting utilizing Zoom. (100-person capacity)

-Call to order by Executive Committee by Chair Robbie Blackiston

-Explanation of what needs to occur during meeting by Chair Robbie Blackiston

-Report of the Credentials Committee

-Announce the number of companies who have registered and are in good standing and eligible to vote; and those companies who are not in good standing and thus not eligible to vote.

-Report from the Constitution and Bylaws Committee

-Introduce and explain the Bylaws changes proposed on the 2020 Ballot.

-Call for Nominations by President Faust:


        Verbal Nomination

        Verbal Second

        Close Nominations

1st Vice President

        Verbal Nomination

        Verbal Second

        Close Nominations 2nd Vice President

        Verbal Nomination

        Verbal Second

        Close Nominations


Verbal Nomination

         Verbal Second

         Close Nominations

Financial Secretary

         Verbal Nomination

         Verbal Second

         Close Nominations

Chief Chaplain

         Verbal Nomination

         Verbal Second

 Close Nominations

Trustees (1)

         Verbal Nomination

         Verbal Second

         Close Nominations

Trustees (2)

         Verbal Nomination

         Verbal Second

         Close Nominations

Location of 2025 Convention

         Verbal Nomination

         Verbal Second

         Close Nominations

Attendees by Zoom Meeting Invite Only: (Secretary Cox)


                      Financial Secretary



Chief Chaplain

                      Executive Director

                      Election Sub-Group Chair 

                      Trustee Candidates

                      Executive Committee

                      All Nominators

                    All Persons to read names of Seconds

**Immediately following the Nominations, the Executive Committee will resume with their meeting.

June 15, 2020, 1845 hrs. Executive Committee Conference Call Agenda Following Nominations:

-Call to order by Executive Committee Chair Robbie Blackiston

-Roll Call by the Secretary

-Motion to post the ballot on the MSFA Website on June 16

-Motion to open Elections on June 19 and close at 11:59 PM on June 25.

-Motion to suspend companies that have not paid dues or submitted credentials

-Adjourn meeting


June 16, 2020, 1000 hrs. MSFA Ballots posted on web site


June 17, 2020, 1000 hrs. All MSFA candidate campaign videos posted on the website


June 18, 2020  LAMSFA Voting closes at midnight


June 19, 2020, 1000 hrs. LAMSFA Election results will be posted


June 19, 2020, 1000 hrs. MSFA Ballots emailed to Companies and Past Presidents.


June 20, 2020 2359 hrs. MSFA voting will open.


June 21, 2020 Electronic seminar presentations.

1300 hrs. PGFD; A Fire Department’s Response to COVID-19

1400 hrs. TIMS 1 Hour Refresher (*registration required) — MDOT

1500 hrs. Dying Not an Option (H) — McQueen

MSFA 2020 Online Memorial Service: 

1645 15 minute countdown begins

1700 Invocation.………….……………….Chief Chaplain John F. Long, Jr.

1703 National Anthem

1707 Welcome ……………………………MSFA President Michael R. Faust
1711 Scripture Reading: Ecc. 3:1-11 MSFA Chaplain Charles E. Barnhart, Jr.


1714 LODD Prince George’s County Fire & EMS, Jesse Wade McCullough (Brooks)

1717 LODD Libertytown Volunteer Fire Department, Michael R. Powers


1720 LODD Fallston Volunteer Fire and Ambulance Company, Kim D. Weber


1723 LODD North East Fire Company, Otis L. Isaacs, Jr.


1726 MSFA Past President (1998-1999) Robert E. Knippenburg


1729 MSFA Executive Committee Member, Frederick R. Seibel, III

1732 MSFA Executive Committee Member, Vernon D. Horsmon, Sr.

1735 MSFA Executive Committee Member, James J. Snyder, Jr.


1738 MSFA Executive Committee Member, Horace C. Wright


1741 MSFA Transportation Committee Chair, Edward M. Dunn, Jr.


1744 Maryland Fire & Rescue Institute Director Emeritus, John W. Hoglund


1749 Scripture Reading: Psalm 23 LAMSFA Vice-Chaplain Holly Trego

1753 “Last Call on Earth, First Call in Heaven”, Stacy Faust, Sudlersville VFC

1756 Scripture Reading: Lamentations 3:17-26, MSFA Chaplain, Chesky Tenenbaum

1801 Recognition of Deceased Members (Video)

1835 Flag folding ………Harford County Honor Guard/Mark Bilger Reader

1845 Amazing Grace …………………………………………Fire Brigade Pipe

1848 TAPS and ECHO

1853 Dismissal ………………………….……LAMSFA President Lori Denbow

1847 Benediction ……………………….……LAMSFA Chaplain Joan Kramer  



June 22, 2020, 1000 hrs. Opening of the 128th Annual Convention and Conference by the MSFA

President and LAMSFA President

-Safety Message

-Invocation by Chaplain John Long, Jr.

-Posting of Volunteer, MSFA, Fallen Firefighters, NFFF, and MD Fire

Rescue Memorial Foundation Flags

-Posting of Maryland State and American Flags

-Pledge of Allegiance by LAMSFA President

-National Anthem

-Remarks by MSFA President Michael Faust

-Remarks by LAMSFA President Lori Denbow

-Introduction of Special Guests

Remarks by US Representative Steny Hoyer

Remarks by Governor Larry Hogan

Remarks by General Gowan, MD Military Department

Remarks by Steuart Pittman, Anne Arundel County Executive

Remarks by OC Mayor Rick Meehan (Invite to Ocean City for 2021 Convention)

1100 hrs. Keynote Address — Marc Bashoor

Closing Announcements……………….MSFA President Michael Faust

Benediction…………………………….MSFA Chaplain John Long, Jr.

Electronic seminar presentations.

1200 hrs. Evidence-based Approaches to Reduce Exposure Risks – UL FSRI

1300 hrs. Reading the Building – Chief Chris Naum

1400 hrs. State of Maryland EMS – Dr. Ted Delbridge


June 23, 2020 Electronic seminar presentations.

0900 hrs. Resilience (EMS) – Karen Deppa/ Michael Donohue

1000 hrs. Stroke Care (EMS) – Dr. Timothy Chizmar

1100 hrs. MCI on the PA Tpke; When a Good Day Goes Bad –Todd Leiss

1200 hrs. Solar Fire Safety (F) – Lt. Brett Vanzant

1300 hrs. Positive Pressure Attack (F) – UL FSRI

1500 hrs. Announcement of all Award Winners posted on MSFA Website


June 24, 2020 Electronic seminar presentations.

0900 hrs. Critical Thinking (F) – FF Nicholas Higgins

1000 hrs. Firefighter Health and Wellness (H) – Chief Randolph Feltner

1100 hrs. Volunteer Recruitment and Retention LIVE Webinar – Phil Stittleburg, NVFC

1200 hrs. Remarks by MSFA President Michael Faust

1205 hrs. Remarks by Ocean City Mayor Rick Meehan

1210 hrs. $10,000 MSFA Raffle Drawing in Ocean City; Live Coverage

1230 hrs. Reminder by President Faust for companies to cast ballots


June 25, 2020 2359 hrs. MSFA voting closes


June 26, 2020 1000 hrs. MSFA Election Committee will compile and post results. __________________________________________________________________________________________

June 27, 2020 1400 hrs. Executive Committee Zoom Conference Call

-Executive Committee Approval of Appointed Officers

-MSFA and LAMSFA Oath of Office administered virtually

-Executive Committee to approve 2020-2021 Budget

-Newly elected MSFA President places convention in recess until September 12, 2020