June 18th – June 23rd

MSFA 2020 Virtual Convention and Conference Training Schedule

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MSFA 2020 Virtual Convention and Conference Training Schedule

*All presentations will be posted online at the scheduled times and then placed on the MSFA Convention website under “Events & Education”


Below is the listings of each of the virtual training session dates and times.

Each days training event will be viewable and set to ‘public’ at their respective times in the events calendar for it’s date.

Overview link to events: https://convention.msfa.org/events-overview/

View Virtual Online Training Events on 6/21/2020

View Virtual Online Training Events on 6/22/2020

View Virtual Online Training Events 6/23/2020

Virtual Online Training Events 6/24/2020


June 21, 2020

1300 hrs. PGFD: One Fire Department’s Operational Response to COVID-19

1400 hrs. TIMS 1-hour Refresher (registration required) – MDOT

1500 hrs. Dying Not an Option (H) – Chief Brian McQueen


June 22, 2020

1200 hrs. Evidence-based Approaches to Reduce Exposure Risks – UL FSRI

1300 hrs. Reading the Bldg. (F) – Chief Christopher Naum

1400 hrs MD EMS (EMS) – Dr. Ted Delbridge


June 23, 2020

0900 hrs. Resilience (EMS) – Karen Deppa/ Michael Donohue

1000 hrs. Stroke Care (EMS) – Dr. Tim Chizmar\\

1100 hrs. MCI on the PA Tpke; When a Good Day Goes Bad – Todd Leiss

1200 hrs. Solar Fire Safety (F) – Lt. Brett Vanzant

1300 hrs. Positive Pressure Attack (F) – UL FSRI


June 24, 2020

0900 hrs. Critical Thinking (F) — FF Nicholas Higgins

1000 hrs. Suicide Response (H) – Lt. Brett Vanzant

1100 hrs. Change the Attitude “Your role in Firefighter Health and Wellness” ((H) – Chief Randolph Feltner

1100 hrs Recruitment And Retention Webinar by Phil Stittleburg of the NVFC – *LIVE* ZOOM WEBINAR