June 18th – June 23rd

130th Annual MSFA Convention and Conference Program – 2022

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The MSFA 130th Anniversary Ocean City Convention and Conference Program has been released. The program lists all of the times and locations of everything happening at the convention this year!


Saturday, June 1
8, 2022

  • 0800 Exhibitor Registration Convention Center Lower Level
  • 0800 Convention and Conference Exhibit Office Open Convention Center Lower Level
  • 1200 Convention and Conference Show Office Open Convention Center Mezzanine Level
  • 1330 Maryland FireRescue Education Training Commission Convention Center
  • 1830 JOINT OFFICERS BANQUET (By Invitation Only)

Sunday, June 19
, 2022

  • 0800 Exhibitor Registration Convention Center Lower Level
  • 09001700 Education and Training Seminars Convention Center
  • 09001130 Miss Fire Prevention Interviews Governor’s Room and Board Room, Mezzanine Level
  • 0930 Executive Committee Meeting Convention Center Performing Arts Center
  • 10001200 Convention Events Ticket Sales Convention Center Ground Floor
  • 1030 SUNDAY MORNING WORSHIP SERVICE Convention Center Performing Arts Center
  • 1100 Exhibits Open
  • 1100 Fire and EMS Memorabilia Flea Market Convention Center (Location TBD)
  • 1400 MISS FIRE PREVENTION CONTEST Convention Center Performing Arts Center
  • 1500 Exhibits Close
  • 1700 JOINT MEMORIAL SERVICE Convention Center Bay Front Ball Room
  • 1900 Maryland FireRescue Service Memorial Foundation “Firefighter’s Nite” Fishtales, Ocean City

Monday, June
20, 2022

  • 0700 Registration Convention Center Bay Front Ball Room
  • 0800 Convention Events Ticket Sales Convention Center Ground Floor
  • 0830 CALL TO ORDER FIRST SESSION Convention Center Bay Front Ball Room


  • 0900 Exhibits Open
  • 0910 Keynote Speaker Presentation
  • Where Do We Go From Here? Finding Grace, Grit and Hope in Moving Forward
  • Wendy Norris, Chair/CEO
  • Texas LODD Task Force
  • Friendswood, Texas

Over the last couple of years, first responders have been faced with many extreme situations,
circumstances, and disasters, as well as a lengthy pandemic.
These circumstances have led to burnout,
compassion fatigue, chronic stress, and strained relationsh
ips. So, where do we go from here? How do
we take a breath, stabilize ourselves, and then continue to do the work?
In this presentation we will
discuss how to find the grace, grit, and hope to move forward in a perilous world.

  • 0930 Recognition of MSFA Past Presidents
    Introduction of the 20212022 Officers of the Ladies Auxiliary
    Recognition of Guests and Organizations
  • 1000 LADIES AUXILIARY to the MSFA MEETING Convention Center Dockside Hall
  • 1000 Reading and acceptance of 2017 Convention and Conference Minutes
    Report of the Credentials Committee

    Report of Association Officers

    Report of the Executive Director

    Report of Standing and Special Committees

    Report of the Volunteer Company Assistance Fund

    Report of the Constitution and By
    Laws Committee
    Volunteer Fire Council Update
  • 1045 Nomination of Officers and Location of Convention
    Appointment of Election Judges and Tellers

    VOTING Convention Center (Open until 1500 Hrs.)
    Maryland Fire
    Rescue Education Training Commission
    Maryland Instructor’s Certification Board

    Maryland Fire Service Personnel Qualifications Board

    Maryland Emergency Management Agency

    Maryland Department of Homeland Security

    Maryland Department of Natural Resources Forestry Division
  • 1300 Main Program Presentation
    Maryland’s Role in National Wildfire Control

    Paul “Shannon” Wolfe
    , Wildfire Programs Coordinator
    Maryland Department of Natural Resources
    , Brandywine, Maryland
    The 2021 Western w
    ildfire season was one of the most widespread and destructive on record. This
    program will share the experiences of a Maryland firefighter who
    personally played a role in the control
    of these fires.
    The presentation will also focus on how the Maryland OutofState Fire Program works,
    and how the
    fire seasons in the west differ from those in the east.
    Maryland State Fire Marshal’s Office

    Maryland Fire/Rescue Institute

    Maryland Institute for Emergency Medical Services Systems

    R. Adams Cowley Shock Trauma C
    enter Report
  • 1430 Education and Training Seminars Convention Center
  • 1500 Voting Ends
  • 1530 Report of the Election Judges
  • 1600 Exhibits Close No entry into exhibit areas after 1545 hours

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

  • 0800 VOTING Second Ballot if needed Convention Center (Open for two hours)
  • 0830 CALL TO ORDER THIRD SESSION Convention Center Bay Front Ball Room

    Thompson Award
    Colburn Cup Award

    Robert H. Shimer
    Administrator of the Year Award
    Josiah Hunt EMS Member of the Year Award
  • 0900 Exhibits Open
  • 0900 Main Program Presentation
    Multiple Dwelling Fire Challenges
    Bronx, New York Case Study
    Joseph M. Jardin, Assistant Chief

    Chief of Fire Prevention

    New York City Fire Department

    Brooklyn, NY

At approximately 11:15 AM on January 9, 2022, a 19story apartment building on East 181st Street in
Fordham Heights neighborhood of the Bronx was burning. Firefighters battled smoke so dark and
dense that it seemed as if it could be scooped up by hand
while a sickly smell hung in the air, a mix of
charred wood, plastic
, and chemicals. By day’s end, 17 residents eight of them children would be
dead, with dozens more injured.
This program will discuss the challenges presented by fires that occur in
large residential structures
, and how lessons learned from actual fire incidents can promote progressive
means t
hat address these challenges to prevent future tragedies of this nature.

  • Marbery F. Gates Service Cup Award
  • Hall of Fame Awards
  • Edwin L. Emkey, Sr. Cadet Award
  • Past President C. Oscar Baker Rookie of the Year Award
  • Firefighter of the Year Award
  • Smith N. Stathem, Jr., P.P. Memorial Safety Award

    1000 Voting ends
  • Zembower Fire Service Training Award
  • John E. “Sunny” Rose Memorial Training Award

    Scholarship Awards
  • Family Appreciation Award
  • Francis L. Brannigan Instructor of the Year Award
  • Fire Prevention Awards and Silver Spring Award
  • Legislative Committee Update
  • Report of the Election Judges
  • 1230 Education and Training Seminars Convention Center
  • 1500 Exhibits Close
  • 1830 JOINT INSTALLATION OF OFFICERS Convention Center Bay Front Ballroom

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

  • 0730 PRAYER BREAKFAST Convention Center Dockside Hall
  • 0900 CALL TO ORDER FOURTH SESSION Convention Center Bay Front Ball Room
    Reading of Communications and Announcements

    Reading and Presentation of Resolutions

    Introduction of the
    New Officers of the Ladies Auxiliary
  • 0920 Main Program Presentation
    The New and Improved Social Media Program of the Washington, DC Fire Dept.

    Vito Maggiolo, Public Information Officer

    Washington, DC Fire Department

    Washington, DC
  • 1000 Remarks by Past President
    Remarks by Newly Elected Officers

    Introduction and Installation of Executive Committee

    Installation of Assistant Officers

    Final Report of Convention Committee
  • 1100 Unfinished Business and New Business
    $10,000 Raffle Drawing

1300 MSFA PARADE Downtown Ocean City, Baltimore Avenue, Lineup Inlet Parking Lot
Special Note
Parade Route between 16th and 30th Street on Baltimore Avenue.
1700 Awarding of Parade Prizes and Trophies
Convention Center Dockside Hall

Thursday, June 2
3, 2022

  • 0700 Hair of the Dog 5K Walk to benefit the NFFF OC Firefighters Memorial 1 S Atlantic Ave
  • 0900 Executive Committee Meeting Convention Center Performing Arts Center