June 18th – June 23rd

Virtual Presentation Schedule

MSFA 2020 Virtual Convention and Conference Training Schedule

*All presentations will be posted online at the scheduled times and then placed on the MSFA website under Convention Training Opportunities


June 21, 2020 1300 hrs. PGFD: One Fire Department’s Operational Response to COVID-19

1400 hrs. TIMS 1-hour Refresher (registration required) – MDOT

1500 hrs. Dying Not an Option (H) – Chief Brian McQueen

June 22, 2020 1200 hrs. Evidence-based Approaches to Reduce Exposure Risks – UL FSRI

1300 hrs. Reading the Bldg. (F) – Chief Christopher Naum

1400 hrs MD EMS (EMS) – Dr. Ted Delbridge

June 23, 2020 0900 hrs. Resilience (EMS) – Karen Deppa/ Michael Donohue

1000 hrs. Stroke Care (EMS) – Dr. Tim Chizmar\\

1400 hrs. MCI on the PA Tpke; When a Good Day Goes Bad – Todd Leiss

1200 hrs. Solar Fire Safety (F) – Lt. Brett Vanzant

1300 hrs. Positive Pressure Attack (F) – UL FSRI

June 24, 2020 0900 hrs. Critical Thinking (F) — FF Nicholas Higgins

1000 hrs. Suicide Response (H) – Lt. Brett Vanzant

1100 hrs. Change the Attitude “Your role in Firefighter Health and Wellness” ((H) – Chief Randolph Feltner