MSFA Convention and Conference Steering Committee

Ronald J. Siarnicki, Chair, Convention and Conference Committee and the Convention Steering Team

Ronald J. Siarnicki

Committee Co-Chairs
Ken Bush
C. Daniel Davis, Jr. P.P.
Wylie L. Donaldson
Robert W. Jacobs, P.P.
Thomas A. Mattingly, P.P.

Committee Vice-Chairs
George A. “Fred” Cross, P.P.
William Hilldebrand
Benjamin W. Kurtz
Jackie Olson, P.P.
Roger A. Steger, Sr. P.P.
Dave Lewis, P.P.

LAMSFA Liaison
Chair Emeritus

Flo Collins

Special Liaisons
Thomas P. Collins
Doyle E. Cox, P.P.
John Denver, P.P.
William J. Hawkins
Elaine Huttenloch
Roger N. Powell, P.P.
Susan Proels
Johnie Roth, P.P.
Paul Sterling, Jr. P.P.
Frank J. Underwood, P.P.


For general Ocean City, Maryland inquiries, please call 1-800-OC-OCEAN.
For Convention inquiries, please contact the MSFA Convention Committee.