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Virtual Online Training Schedule 6/21/2020

Online Virtual Event

Event presentations will be linked and videos embedded for you to view right on this page for your convenience directly under each specific presentation.  But they are programmed to NOT be viewable until their specified times. June 21, 2020 1300 hrs. PGFD: One Fire Department’s Operational Response to COVID-19 Virtual Training session MSFA 2020 Virtual […]


Becoming an Ally to Foster Diversity & Inclusion (LIVE)

An ally should not be looked at as a noun, but rather a verb. The path to becoming an ally is a lifelong process of fostering relationships that are built on trust, consistency, advocacy, and accountability. Inclusive leadership is an integrated set of skills that is required to channel the power and potential of a diverse workforce for the benefit of the organization and the communities we serve. It is key for fire service leaders to understand their role in fostering diversity and inclusion. This workshop will provide you with deeper insights to yourself and the benefits of inclusion at all levels of your department.

Residential and Small Commercial First Due Size Up

Today's buildings and occupancies continue to present unique challenges to command and operating companies during combat structural fire engagement. Building and occupancy profiling, identifying occupancy risk versus occupancy type, construction methods, features, systems and components require new skill sets in reading the building and implementing predictive occupancy profiling for today’s company and command officers for effective and efficient fireground operations. Incorporating the Buildingsonfire FACTS concept for First-Arriving Construction, Tactics and Safety for Residential and Small Commercials.