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Shock Trauma Go Team Presentation

This 30-minute presentation gives and in-depth look into the Shock Trauma Go Team; what they do, who they are, and when they are called in to action.

Main Street Fires

Main Streets, both large or small compromise many jurisdictions and have been a primary feature and risk for decades. The fundamental building type that is found on many Main Streets and commonly found in nearly all jurisdictions and response areas throughout the United States, fires in these buildings and areas can present significant challenges and operational risks. An overview of construction systems, inherent building characteristics and operational considerations on strategies and tactics for all ranks and personnel will be presented.

Medication Safety; Poison Prev. for Families

Medications are the leading cause of child poisoning with 38% of child poisoning involves a grandparent’s medication. Children under 5 are at the greatest risk and adults can do three things to change that: Safe Storage, Safe Dosing, Poison Center resources. OTC – Over The Counter medication safety is directed specifically to 5th and 6th graders.